߲ݴý Common Institutional Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Students (uCILOs)

Thinking and Reasoning

Graduates of ߲ݴý will use critical and creative thinking and quantitative and qualitative reasoning to address complex challenges and everyday problems.


Graduates of ߲ݴý will use oral, written, and artistic means of expression to communicate ideas and perspectives clearly while listening openly and learning from others.


Graduates of ߲ݴý will demonstrate knowledge of cultural diversity and of inequalities built into social systems in order to promote inclusivity, equity, and social justice in our communities. 


Graduates of ߲ݴý will learn from one another’s strengths and challenges to collaborate and contribute toward a common purpose as both members and leaders of diverse groups.

Personal And Social Responsibility

Graduates of ߲ݴý will exhibit responsible, ethical, and meaningful civic engagement.

Integration And Specialization

Graduates of ߲ݴý will demonstrate specialized expertise and integration of ideas, methods, theory, and practice.

Graduate Students (gCILOs)

Advanced Knowledge

߲ݴý graduate students will demonstrate appropriate mastery of knowledge in the degree field.

Applied Learning

߲ݴý graduate students will demonstrate the appropriate disciplinary skills in the field by integrating knowledge with practice.

Critical Inquiry and Reflective Practice

߲ݴý graduate students will demonstrate critical inquiry and/or reflective practice at an advanced level.

Ethical and Professional Conduct

߲ݴý graduate students will demonstrate ethical and responsible professional conduct in their discipline.